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Readership Milestone: 700 Subscribers!

I woke up this morning, logged in and saw that my readership stood at a record number:

707 Subscribers

Now, if you’re reading this on the weekend, there’s a good chance it’s below 700 now, since readership numbers always drop on Sundays and Mondays (they’re reported a day late). But for now, I have a record total. That’s pretty good compared to the 53 readers I had before I hit Lifehacker and Digg back in March/April!

If you’re wondering how YOU can be one of these subscribers, here’s how:

  1. If you use an RSS feed reader (like Google Reader), you can subscribe to my RSS feed. This is an easy way to pick and choose the articles you want to read, without coming to my site. Granted, it takes away from my visitor stats, but if it gets you to read my stuff, then great!
  2. If you don’t use a feed reader, you can be an email subscriber (subscribe to emails here). This service is also through Feedburner. You’ll only get 1 email per day, and it will include all the articles I’ve written since the prior day. Right now, they get sent out around 11am EST, and you can easily unsubscribe without needing to contact me.

Subscribe today!

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