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Reader Poll Results: How old are my readers?

I let the last opinion poll run a little longer than I originally planned for two reasons:

1) I didn’t have another poll in mind and

2) I wanted to get more results to find out about more of you

So what were my results?

Well, the early lead taken by the 20-somethings was reduced later in the game by the 30- and 40-year-olds. However, a 20-somethings still comprise a majority of my readers, but only by a slim margin (53%). Here’s the final breakdown:

Out of a total 221 participants:

20’s = 53%
30’s = 27%
40’s = 9%
Under 16 = 5%
16-20 = 2%
50’s-60’s = 2% each

What does this mean?

Well, I know half of you are in my age range (20’s), although I’m at the high end, and a fourth of you are in your 30’s, which I’ll be entering next year. Also, I know that 5% of the kids who got here because of my Webkinz article responded to my survey.

Does this mean I’ll be changing my tone and content? Nope. It means I’m right on track. I think I have a little bit of something for everyone, but I do tend to gear my content for those beginning their post-college lives, and moving into parenthood and home ownership.

I will continue to write about topics for the older generations, but I will need to use our parents as my reference point, so it will usually be a third-person POV. Also, I intend to continue writing topics that will hopefully help the 2% of teens coming to my site to learn more about dealing with their own finances, and preparing for life after high school.

If you have any suggestions, I am always open for emails. Feel totally free to email compliments, complaints, suggestions or questions to Mike@ my domain. I hope to put up a contact form sometime soon, but until then feel free to send an email from your regular account. Your email address will always stay private, as will your email unless you request otherwise (e.g. article suggestion, advertising request, etc.).

Thanks for reading, and look for the next Clever Dude Opinion Poll coming out very soon! I’ll need a lot of feedback on the next one!

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  • One thing that I would be really interested in, is the occupation not only of your readers, but also of other bloggers.
    The readers are probably quite diverse, but for some reason, I have this feeling that a lot of the bloggers (specially on personal finances) are related to the IT industry.

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