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Reader Poll Results: Are you a PF Blogger too?

Wow, 43% of you are just like me and have a Personal Finance blog, with another 11% on the way. I really need to reach out to different audiences!

Nah, I like the community I have now. You’re (mostly) all great people, with only a few trolls here and there (Realist). This site has grown because of all of you, whether you just wanted to read about getting a free laptop, pack a frugal lunch, find technical service bulletins for your car, or any of the other random posts (Webkinz, blogger tips).

As a side note, I noticed my Technorati ranking drop about 2,300 and authority drop about 40 in the last few days. I guess it’s really been about 6 months since the free laptop and frugal lunch articles hit Lifehacker and Digg, respectively, and those links aren’t counted anymore. I’m still pretty high up, but it’s sad to see the numbers fall. However, I’m happy to be maintaining steady growth in readership (and advertising dollars), while fine-tuning my writing abilities at the same time.

Thanks everyone!

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  • I think there are a lot of personal finance bloggers out there and many more on the way, but very few stick around for too long. Most probably just become readers rather than writers 🙂

  • While I didn’t get a chance to vote, I probably would have voted “Yes, I have a personal finance blog” as opposed to “No, I don’t have a personal finance blog”. However, in truth, I write about a lot of things other than finance, and a lot of my financial posts are related to market news rather than to strictly personal stuff. Is there a chance that some of the other voters voted in the same way (as in, defining “I have a personal finance blog” loosely)? Every blog has a unique style to a certain degree anyway, so I wouldn’t be too worried about reaching out to a niche that’s too narrow.

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