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Read the Fine Print: Paying $1300 for a single iPhone

We’ve found the first stupid person in the iPhone sales comedy:

Watch the stupid lady spend $1,300 for an iPhone

If you can’t watch the video, here’s the short of it:

  1. Lady brings $16,000 cash to buy up all the iPhones at an AT&T store on its first day on sale. She’s “going to sell them on eBay”.
  2. Lady walks up to kid who is first in line and offers $800 to take his spot.
  3. Kid accepts, takes cash and walks to be with his 3 friends a little down the line.
  4. Lady is first to enter the store, walks up to salesperson and demands however many iPhones she could get for $15,200 (eh, about 29 after tax I guess).
  5. Salesperson informs her that they are limited to selling only 1 iPhone per customer!
  6. Woman buys her 1 iPhone (not shown. I assume she went and cried in her car afterwards)
  7. Kid with $800 shiny new bills walks in with 3 other friends. (Only 2 of those friends wanted to buy an iPhone. The third kid stepped out of line to let newly-rich kid take his spot.)
  8. Kid buys iPhone and all accessories, with money left to pay for a couple months of service. However, he is shown holding his credit card for the purchase. Why? He has $800 in cash!

So that’s how you spend $1300 for a new iPhone. She should have read the fine print!

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  • i’m sure the kid bought it with cc, b/c he is a cleverdude as well and used the cc to get cash back. of course, there is also option b stating his parents pay his cc bill, or option c he has $800 cash so he can burn it plus still have money left on cc to burn.

  • Everyone knew that there was only a limit of one iPhone per person. Even I knew that and I don’t want one.
    I bet the kid paid with his credit card so he would have proof to show all his friends that he made $800 in 30 seconds.

  • People are so stupid sometimes. Actually I believe iPhone won’t have the shortages the consoles have so there is no way they can fetch much more than retail!

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