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I regularly get unsolicited emails from all over the web daily (more and more lately). Much of them are new product/service announcements, which I generally just archive away in Gmail because I don’t like broadcast emails. Others seem to be written with a more personal edge, so I decide to hold onto it for a potential article.

I generally respond to an email immediately so that I can archive it and remove it from my inbox. I don’t like clutter in life, and that extends to my inbox. So today I’m going to link out to some of the more interesting or notable emails I still have sitting around, since it appears I won’t give them a fully dedicated article of their own:

  • has a whole site devoted to educating children about money. (Had this email since June 4th. Thanks Jessica!). This was in response to my article about whether Webkinz can teach kids personal finance.
  • (brought to you by the U.S. Treasury) has a pretty cool interactive game to help you learn more about things like debt management. Be forewarned that you need a speedy internet connection to get the full effect. It’s pretty slow on my Verizon Wireless broadband connection, but I think I’m getting dialup speeds right now. (thanks Lisa!)
  • StreetRead is “an innovative financial news aggregation web-application, aimed to make it extremely simple for investors and others interested in Wall Street and the economy to track all of the news around the web.” If you’re an investor or prospective investor, check it out by looking up some stocks you’re interested in and see if it works for you. (thanks Mike!)

Ok, so that was only 3 emails, but it’s a start, and maybe now that I got these links out there, they’ll help some of you.

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