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Putting Your Teenage Child on a Grocery Budget

Ana at has a few articles outlining her plan to curb her son’s huge appetite while also teaching him a lesson about money. I think it’s a very novel idea and can be used for any dependents, including lazy husbands like me 🙂 However, I’m sure if I had a $35 per week to buy food, I’d go out and buy cases of Ramen Noodles, SPAM and scrapple. Oh, and peanut butter and jelly.

Here are the articles in her series so far:

  1. Putting Teenage Son on a Budget
  2. Teenager on Food Budget – First Try – Apparently he wasn’t prepared for the shock of milk prices
  3. A Gallon of Milk Costs More than a Gallon of Gas – In our area, they’re getting pretty close to equal, and since I go through a gallon of skim milk per week myself, I’m fully aware of the rising cost of milk. Ana’s son apparently didn’t have a clue about how much milk he really drank by himself.

Even if you don’t have kids, the articles provide a good chuckle and a little realization that not everyone is aware of their own spending and usage habits. Sometimes you need to change someone’s view to make them realize it.

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  • Hey thanks a bunch for the spotlight, Dude! I’m glad you are enjoying this little series. Unfortunately for my son, he doesn’t like ramen, peanut butter, and is vegetarian … in addition to having “champagne tastes.” Or would that be “milk tastes” in his case?

  • I already took a look at her blog and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Not only to teach children how expensive things are and how tricky balancing the family budget can be but also in how hard it is to get a good range of foods for a healthy diet.

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