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Prizes sent, but another giveaway coming (different book)

I’ve emailed the author the winners’ information in order to send them their prizes (“Does Your Bag Have Holes?” books). Congratulations to readers Rachel and Tracey!

If you would like to purchase the book for yourself, I recommend going directly to the author’s website,, as you’ll get BOTH an autographed copy AND a discounted price! I’m actually really tempted to by the 22-book case myself to distribute to friends, family and fellow church-goers. That’s a steal for $132!

For the rest of you, I’ll be reviewing “A Million Bucks by 30” by Alan Corey next week. But don’t confuse this with the not-so-good book “Millionaire by Thirty“, which I reviewed last month. Alan’s book is humorous, witty, and actually educational AND realistic. But you’ll have to wait for the full review till next week 🙂

I’ll probably do the giveaway to my subscribers, just like the last one. I had close to the same number of entries, and well, it promotes other ways to read my site. If you want to get ahead of the game and be ready, consider subscribing to my RSS Feed or Email Newsletter.

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  • Hey Clever Dude. Are you aware that there is a site that is publishing your full articles? It is called MoneyTP. I won’t put the link here….but I found it as in incoming link in my dashboard to some of my posts and then I saw this post and a couple of others. Just letting you know, because they have adsense on it. Check your incoming links and you will see what I am talking about. They also have posts from other PF Blogs.

  • Oh man, yeah Alan’s book is awesome – you’ll enjoy the read 🙂 btw, do you have a copy of “Get Rich or Die Trying” or have you reviewed it yet?

    I keep coming across mentions of that book, so thinking i should give it a shot.

  • @lulu, taken care of

    @budgets, I did read the book and definitely enjoyed it. I’ll recommend it to the target group (20-somethings), which I won’t do with the “other book”.

    As far as the other book, I haven’t read it yet. I basically only read PF books that are sent to me, and I have 2 other ones waiting for me as it is.

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