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Poll Results: How much you got back in taxes this year

It’s been a month and 262 of you have responded to my poll asking the vital question:

How much did you get/pay in federal taxes this year?

Thanks to some miscalculations on my part, I owed the United States federal government over $1000 this year. That’s not too bad, but we were expecting a refund of about $5000. Boy were we off!

So, for the 11% of you who got over $5000 back on your taxes, you can kindly send your money to my paypal account tomorrow. It’s free money, right? You know what, the 39% of you who got between $1k-5k back, and 22% who got between $1-1000 back can send me some money too! No? Well aren’t you a Scrooge!

For the 5 people who broke even, GOOD JOB! That’s quite a feat to accomplish!

Now, for the rest of you who owed money on your taxes, especially the 14% who owed over $1000, I really feel for you. Maybe next year you can be in the “broke even” group! It could happen!

Keep an eye out for the next Clever Dude “Opinion” poll (I know, this wasn’t an opinion; it was fact). It should be coming out today.

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  • you know, you really don’t take into account incentives for doing certain things.

    like someone i know got back an extra 1200 just because she is taking classes in college.

    so just because you get money back doesn’t mean you pay too much, it means you qualify for extra cash back. 🙂

  • RE: realist…

    A lot of people try to estimate what credits/deductions they’ll be eligible for and adjust their withholdings for the year. This prevents the govt from basically getting an interest free loan from you.

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