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Our church is cursed!

Actually, it’s the countries that our church tours that are cursed. Here are some examples:

And now just over a month after leaving Israel, it’s entering into all-out war!

We weren’t anywhere near Gaza Strip during our tour in November, 2008, but we were in the north close to Syria and Lebanon. And now Lebanon is amassing troops in preparation for war with Israel.

Actually we thought the terrorist attacks in India (a week after our Israel tour) were meant for Israel and someone just got the wrong “I” country, but I guess I was looking for problems too soon after coming back.

Each time the church tours a country, they never have problems during ther visit. It’s only when they leave that all heck breaks loose. So I guess I’ll give you all fair warning when our church is touring a country so you don’t plan your vacation in the next few weeks!

(And no, I’m not superstitious, but I do like the stories you can create with just a few coincidences. It makes life a little more interesting.)

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