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Oops! Belated 1 Year Birthday to Me!

I was writing an article for this Thursday, and I looked back through my archives and found out that my first post was June 6th, 2006. What did I write? Well, not a personal finance article!

I actually didn’t know that my site would turn into a personal finance and frugality site until a couple months into writing. So, my first post was “Is running really a bonding activity for couples?

We were just a month into training for our first marathon, and I had never seriously run before. The whole thing was a pain in the behind, but as you may know, I’m subjecting myself, voluntarily, to the pain of another marathon again this October. Right now, I’m taking it a little easy as I hurt my knee in a fall back on June 10th during an 8 mile run in the dark, but I’m getting pumped for our 10 mile run this Saturday.

This past Saturday, I posted 2 of my personal bests in running:

  • Best mile: 8:50
  • Best 3 miles: 29 minutes

Not bad for a lazy fat guy!

To answer my question whether running is a bonding activity for couples, I’d say “Yes”. That’s assuming you’re both running for the same reason, and not to compete against each other. Competing is not the quickest way to bonding, no matter what the movies might show.

So, with a little pat on my back, I hope I can treat all of you to another year of Clever Dude. Thanks for reading. It’s what keeps me coming back!

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