One Simple Secret To Master Leftovers

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My employer has it’s own cafeteria, and my office is within walking distance of at least half a dozen fast food restaurants. Around 11am I can hear people start talking and forming small groups to go get lunch, but they know better than to ask me. I bring my lunch every single day, because I’ve mastered the art of the leftover.

In the past, I gave leftovers a bad wrap for two main reasons:

  1. I viewed them as simply having for lunch the same thing I ate for dinner the night before.  No thanks!
  2. I tried to freeze leftovers to be used at a later date. That road is paved with good intentions, but many times end up like this:


I’ve shoved a butter knife through the side of many a plastic container trying to chip off just enough freezer burnt frozen taco meat for a lunch burrito.

But we’re getting closer.

Let me introduce you to a very simple thing that will revolutionize your view on leftovers:

Plastic Storage Bags.

They solve both of my major issues with leftovers. When I make something for dinner that I think would be a great lunch, I purposely make extra. I put the leftovers into individual sandwich sized storage bags, and then again inside larger plastic containers just to organize things better.

Remember how awesome that Thanksgiving turkey tasted? I have larger portions tucked away nicely in gallon sized bags:


I made a large batch of smoked pulled pork for a family Christmas gathering, and put what didn’t get eaten into single portion bags that are great for lunches as well as a great after school snack for my always hungry teenager.


Also in my freezer are some servings of chilli, grilled chicken breasts and hamburgers.

With a variety of already cooked items individually packed in my freezer, I have a wide selection of lunch items available when combined with items commonly found in my refrigerator and cupboards.

How about you Clever Friends, do you have any tips for mastering the art of leftovers?

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