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NYC “skinniest house” for sale for a fat price

A while ago, I posted about the sale of Toronto’s skinniest house for a hefty $173,000, which we all thought was an outrageous price for such a small house. Turns out it was a steal compared to the $2.7 million price for New York City’s skinniest house.

I don’t have specs on the house other than the width/length, which I don’t have for the Toronto house. The Toronto house was 300 sq. ft., while the NYC house is 9.5ft x 42 ft. However, the NYC house is 3 stories, while the Toronto home was only 1 story. That means the max square footage of each floor is 399 sq. ft., or a max of 1197 sq ft. for the whole house. Actually, 1200 square feet isn’t too bad for a NYC home, but it has to have some sweet customizations and amazing location to be worth anywhere near $2.7 mill.

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