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Nuru Personal Finance Card Winners Announced

Last week, I wrote a review of the Nuru Personal Finance Cards, which are like little flash cards to learn about numerous finance topics. Well, the guys at Nuru offered up 3 decks of these cards to give away to my readers, which is exactly what I did this week.

For the first Nuru giveaway, I just asked you to leave a comment on the post, any comment. The winner was “Anne” with comment #15. She wrote simply “looks useful!”, but it was all she needed to win as I used’s Integer Generator to pick her number. I’d like her opinion of how useful the cards are once she receives them and gets a chance to read them over!

For the second Nuru giveaway, you had to be a subscriber to either my RSS feed or to my email updates to enter. Surprisingly, I got even more entries to this contest than the first, even though you had to both subscribe AND go to a different page to email me the clue I left at the bottom of my feed/email. Well, using the randomizer again, I picked email #16, belonging to Susan. If you’re wondering, the clue was “Nuru makes some cool cards!”.

And for the last Nuru giveaway, I went back to the comments, but asked you to write at least one of your financial goals for 2009. I had some excellent entries, but again, I left it up to the randomizer to pick the winner. And the winner was comment #4 by James. His goals are listed below:

I have lots of goals for the 2009. I’ll be graduating with my MS in Physics and getting a real job soon, so my first goal will be to start an IRA and do matching of the 401K if the company has it (maxing them both out). Besides that, I have a few thousand saved from teaching at my uni, but I’m hoping to get a real emergency savings built up, I’m hoping from what I have and the salary I’ll be making that I’ll be able to save 2 months before 2010 hits, but my final goal is 6 months.

Wow, sounds like he’s been thinking about life after school! Good luck in this job market!

So all 3 winners have replied back and claimed their prizes, and I’ve email their info to Nuru. The first winner’s deck has already been shipped, and the other two will go out Monday.

Thanks to all for making these contests successful I try to make them meaningful, yet easy enough to enter. While I didn’t see a jump in subscriber numbers in this (or a prior) contest, I still like giving my subscribers an extra bonus.

So think about subscribing to my RSS feed or to my email updates. RSS is a much easier way to read multiple sites daily (I read over 100 sites’ RSS feeds), and with email, you get my new articles delivered right to your inbox every day (or at least the days I write something before 11am).

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