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New Debt Scale thanks to The King

Thanks to the King of Debt at We’re In Debt for providing the CSS list and HTML to add my own debt scale on the right sidebar.

As you know, we’re trying to pay off our Chevy Malibu loan of $15,000 in 8 months. We transferred the loan onto a credit card at 1.99% interest (vs 5.95% through the original loan) and we’re well on our way to paying off the loan by September of this year.

Instead of my cheesy hand-made debt scales, I’ll just update the CSS scale instead. It’ll save me a good 15 minutes each month since I can do a quick sidebar text update rather than editing an image in Paint Shop Pro. (clarified for Mapgirl) 🙂

Thanks King!

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  • What kinda limit do you have where you can drop 15,000 on a credit card? Am I missing something here? Because I’m dying to do the same thing to make a dent in my student loan.

  • I actually have 2 cards with limits over 20k, but it took years to build them to that level. It takes excellent credit and then just asking for the increases every 6 months or so. Usually, though, they just bump up the limits for you without asking.

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