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Never Make An Online Purchase Without Searching For A Coupon Code!

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My son’s birthday is coming up soon, so I asked him what he might like for a present. There’s really only one thing that he wants, and it’s something that he had asked for Christmas, but didn’t get because my wife and I deemed it too expensive.

My son wants a $300 gaming chair for his birthday.

It looks like a really fancy office chair, with various types of color schemes to choose from. It also has extra padding and support in all the right places to provide maximum comfort as he sits in front of his PC playing games online with his friends.

I told him that it was more than we were planning to spend on his birthday present, but offered to pitch in a certain amount of money towards the purchase of the chair if he would pitch in the rest.

With a huge grin on his face, he agreed to split the cost of the chair.

He went to the manufacturer’s website, and selected the color he wanted. He then started filling in the purchasing information including my name and address. I then sat down and entered my payment information, but before I hit the button to complete the purchase, I opened another web browser window.

“What are you doing?” my son said, impatiently.

“Just checking something,” I replied.

I could almost hear his mind saying, “Hurry up, already!” as I typed “DX Racer Coupon Code” into the Google search engine. After a few false leads, I found a coupon code for 10% off my purchase. I copied the code, and entered it into the coupon code field on the chair’s ordering page.

The coupon code reduced the bill by $30.

“Nice!” I heard my son exclaim behind me, with all hints of impatience gone from his voice.

“Never, ever, EVER order anything online without first searching for a coupon code,” I said as I turned just in time to see my son nodding his head.

Saving money isn’t always a teenager’s highest priority. Sometimes my son surprises me by purchasing generic soda to conserve his funds. Other times he seems completely indifferent about how much things cost. The best I can do is just keep showing him by example how saving money is a daily part of our lives, and hope that it rubs off.

Do you search for coupon codes before purchasing things online? If so, have you passed this habit on to your kids?

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  • Solid advice. Always make sure to look around to make sure the product isn’t available somewhere else for a lower price. We have been Amazon Prime members for a few months, and found ourselves getting into the trap of just going there and ordering something. When I found something on Target for 15% cheaper, it opened my eyes as a reminder to always shop around.

  • 1. Awesome advice.

    2. I always forget to search for a code.

    Do you have any tips for how to make this a habit other than “you just have to remember”?

  • You are so right, but I forget to do it more often than I care to admit! Also, always start every purchase at eBates to get even more back! They don’t always have a portal to a place that you’re looking for, but it never hurts to check.

  • @MoneyBeagle – Many people just don’t want to put in the effort to find the cheapest price. It just doesn’t take that much effort to save a little money…..that’s what I’m hoping to constantly illustrate to my son. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Thanks for stopping by!

  • @ESI – If you always forget, I would put a little reminder in your purse, wallet, or even right on your debit/credit card. Everytime you have to put in the information to buy something, BAM, reminder to look for coupon codes. 🙂

  • @Emily – Once you start looking for them and finding them, you’ll be surprised at how much you save…..and wonder why you didn’t do it before! Glad I could help out!

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