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Need Something Done, But Don’t Have Much Money? How Does $5 Sound?

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I’m working on a side project and need a logo that I can use in the banner of a web page as well as on other materials. The graphic designers I have in my contact list each charge somewhere between $80 and $200 for a logo. A top tier designer will likely charge even more. My side project is meant to be a low budget endeavor, but I have to pay someone to make my logo as I lack the skills to do it myself.

This is where the web service Fiverr comes in.

Fiverr is a web service that can be used to have something done for $5. The seller keeps 80% of the transaction, Fiverr keeps the remaining 20%. Fiverr offers a rich selection of services such as proofreading, web design, music jingles, and even logos.

I decided to give Fiverr a shot to design my logo.

I took the following approach:

Know What You Want

You’ll be asked to describe what it is you want. Spend some time really nailing down a great description of how you envision the finished product. The better the description, the better the chance that the product delivered is what you want.

Multiple Options

I enlisted three different highly rated designers to create a logo for me. This cost me $15, which is still much less than the cost of any of my graphic design contacts, and would give me several options to choose from.

Ask For Revisions

An email is sent when the product is delivered. You can then review it and either ask for revisions, or mark it as complete. One design that came in had no hope. It wasn’t even in the ballpark. The other two showed promise, and I requested some minor tweaks.

Rate The Work Honestly

When you mark a job complete, you have the opportunity to rate the seller’s work. When this opportunity was displayed, I thought back to when I was first looking for designers to choose and reading reviews. Honest reviews make a difference for others using the service. The quality of the service depends upon customers giving honest and complete reviews.

Pay Appropriately

After asking two of my designers for tweaks, one came back with a revision that was head and shoulders above the other. I asked that designer for one more revision, but took an option to order additional services for another $5.

The final revision that I received was great quality, and was exactly what I was looking for. In total, it cost me $20, or 1/4th the lowest quote I had received from my graphic designer contacts.

If you have a need that you don’t have the skills to fill, but your budget is low, Fiverr may be worth checking out.

Have you ever used Fiverr? How did it work out for you?

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  • I only tried it once and it didn’t work. I’d gotten a referral from someone who had their logo done, I reached out and asked if he’d do mine and he told me that they don’t do logos. Weird.

  • I’m going to use it if I ever decide to launch my other site — or just switch my current one to a new domain. I need to know a bit more about what I want, though. Oh, and that whole time and organizational issue to actually getting something going.

  • First timer here. I found your website through Color-me-frugal. I’ve used elance but never fiverr. Will have to consider them next time. Thanks for the tip!

  • I tried it for a website of mine following the logic outlined in this article. 2 of the 3 designs completely missed the mark. The third one was decent and I asked for a revision, but at the end of the day I still thought it was too generic. It seemed like something a young me would have slapped together.

    I will be trying 99designs in the near future.

  • We have user Fiverr at least a dozen times. We don’t always get exactly what we want, but at least we don’t have to spend a bunch of money to see what’s possible. We have used them for logos, headers, and professional-looking mailers for my husband’s business.

  • I love Fiverr. I not only buy a lot of stuff over there – SEO searches, blog images, and quick videos for my site. Plus I set myself up as a seller and I’ve been doing pretty well at it – I make probably $15-$30 a day on there and I’ve only been doing it a couple of months. I write complaint letters for people and fundraising pitches. I’m trying to get a Pinterest consultant gig going, but that one hasn’t caught on yet. It’s kind of fun and interesting the variety of orders I’ve gotten. I had one guy who had about a $95K Ferrari and the car was damaged in shipping. That was an interesting one.

  • @Moneybeagle – that is weird. There are seemingly endless options directly through the service’s website though. My experience was generally positive, I’d definitely try it again!

  • @Mrs. Budgets – Thanks for the kind words…if you do try it out, please come back and share your experience – I’d love to hear about it!

  • @Holly – If nothing else, it can be used to help form your ideas. I didn’t know what I really wanted in my logo until I paid the first $5 and got something completely wrong. That alone was worth $5!

  • @Abigail – that’s the beauty of the service only costing $5 – it can actually help you develop what it is you want. Just give them as much information as you can think of right now, and let someone take a stab at it. You’d be surprised at how much it helps!

  • @Nelson – Thanks for following the link over here from Color-Me-Frugal! Great to have you check out what’s going on here at Cleverdude…hope you’ll come back!

  • @Young Millennial – Sorry it didn’t work out for you – there’s always that chance. I’ve never heard of 99designs before either – worth checking out!

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