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Money Saving Uses for Used Pantyhose

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Pantyhose, also called sheer tights, are close-fitting leg wear designed to cover the wearer’s body from the toes to the waist. Like knee highs or stockings, pantyhose are typically made of nylon, or other fabrics woven with nylon such as spandex. Pantyhose are designed to be attractive in appearance and are often intended to hide physical imperfections like scars or blemishes. The life span of your average pantyhose pair is two months depending on how often they are worn. Assume that you get five good uses out of a pair of pantyhose – what else are used pantyhose good for? Here are ten ways you can repurpose your worn-out stockings to get a “leg up” on saving money.

1. Use It As Rope or String:

Since pantyhose is made of out of nylon or nylon blended with other materials, you can twist it up and use it as a handy tie if no rope is handy. This is great for bulky items that are too big for regular size rubber bands, like rolled up newspapers or trash bags. No need to run to the hardware store to buy cord.

Savings Potential: $3 – $20

2. Make a Strainer:

Used pantyhose makes a great strainer. You can use it for cooking, crafting or home projects. Just tie the panty house over a cup or bucket and use it strain out lumps of food or paint. This also works if you need to clean the water in a kiddie pool. Just be sure to cut off the foot portion of the hose first!

Savings Potential : $7 – $280 depending on the size and quality of the strainer needed.

3. Make a Duster:

Dusting the area under couches and kitchen appliances can be a pain. Just ball-up some pantyhose and attach it to the wooden end of your broom. You’ll get a much better reach than a regular feather duster can offer.

Savings Potential: $7-$12 over purchasing a feather duster.

4. Line Flowerpots:

Since nylon is such a great strainer, green thumbs can ball up some used pantyhose and line the bottom of a flowerpot before adding potting soil. The pantyhose will act like a strainer, allowing the water to flow out of the pot while keeping the dirt inside.

Savings Potential:  Save $8.50 by not buying burlap flowerpot liners.

5. Secure Delicate Plants:

Pantyhose can stretch so its great for staking young trees or plants. Simply tie some strips of pantyhose to the stakes you are using and use the hose to tie the plants to the stakes. The nylon’s stretchy properties will flex as your plants mature – in contrast to string or twine which could hurt your plants if it is tied too tightly. You can also use the pantyhose to keep tomato vines off the ground. Don’t go and buy a bunch of twine.

Savings Potential: $2 – $8

6. Buff Shoes or Metal:

Pantyhose is often made out of the same stuff as some buffing and polishing wheels – nylon. If your shoes or pots and pans are looking a bit dull and tired, ball up some used pantyhose and give them a polish. No need to buy buffing balls or buffing cloth.

Savings Potential: $4 – $8

7. Patch Holes in Screens:

Holes in screens are great – for bugs who want into your home. Instead of letting the bugs in, use a bit of used pantyhose to patch the hole. Put some rubber cement on the area around the hole and press the patch in place. If you really need the patch to last, you can stitch the pantyhose patch to the screen. If you don’t have any rubber cement use duct tape.

Savings Potential: $10 by not buying a screen door repair kit.

8. Remove Lint:

Use old pantyhose to remove lint and pet hair from clothing and upholstery. Just wrap some used pantyhose around your hand and use it like a lint brush on your clothes or furniture. Bonus: pantyhose can also remove deodorant residue from clothing. No need to buy lint rollers.

Savings Potential: $5 – $9

9. Remove Nail Polish:

Used pantyhose is great for taking off nail polish. Pantyhose is mildly abrasive so the polish comes off easier and quicker then when you use cotton balls or toilet paper. Also you can reuse the pantyhose so its better from a frugal perspective.

Savings Potential:  $2 – $6, the cost of a ball of cotton bags

10. Filter Air:

Used pantyhose can make a great air filter, especially on air compressors or fans on the back of computers. The pantyhose filters last a year or two and don’t deteriorate like foam ones. This is because pantyhose is made out of nylon and spandex – both of which are durable materials. Pantyhose is usually finely woven so does a good job filtering large dust particles out of the air.

Savings Potential: Using used pantyhose as an air filter will save you $6 – 8 big ones.

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