Money Saving Deals FOUND At Fleet and Farm Stores!

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If you look hard enough, you can find great money saving deals in the most unlikely of places. There’s the standard price comparison between different traditional grocery stores as well as club stores. One can even find the occasional buy at a convenience store. But there are other places that you might not normally shop where you should be looking for sales on commonly used products. The type of retailer I’m referring to are farm fleet stores.

My wife and I were in the middle of creating a shopping list for needed supplies for a Memorial Weekend gathering at our home when ironically a commercial came on TV advertising sales on products we had on our list. The sale was at Mills Fleet Farm, a retailer’s name that suggests it’s for people that live on a farm. What people may not realize is that fleet and farm retailers (there are several chains) carry many household items that we all use.

Here are just a few examples of items we purchased on sale at the nearby fleet and farm retailer:

  • Chips: Family-sized bags of Lay’s brand potato chips were on sale for $2 a bag. The bag has a manufacturer’s suggested price of $4.39 on it, but one can find them at Walmart for $2.99. Even compared to the everyday price at Walmart, this is 1/3rd off!
  • Soda: Both Coke and Pepsi products are currently on sale for $3 per 12-pack. This is on par with the best of sales for name brand soda at grocery stores. Time to stock up!
  • Mixed Nuts: Nuts are a party favorite, but are also a bit expensive as far as snacks go. At Walmart, I found a 16oz canister for $8.24 ($0.51 per ounce) and a 26oz canister for $9.32 ($0.36 per ounce). At the feel and farm store, there were packages of 34oz for $12.99 ($0.38 per ounce) and 54oz for $19.99 ($0.37 per ounce). Depending upon how much product you need, and what size is most convenient the price at the fleet farm retailer is cheaper in some instances, and comparable in others.

A sale saves a person money regardless of what kind of retailer it is. Whether it’s a grocery store, a club store, a convenience store or even a fleet and farm store, saving money leaves more money in your pocket for something else.

How about you Clever Friends, have you ever found a sale on a common household item at a retailer you wouldn’t have expected?

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