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Marine Corp Marathon registration transfer is complete

A month ago, I told you that we were backing out of this year’s Marine Corp Marathon (MCM). It was a disappointing decision, but a relief, although we will be training for a 5k or 10k run starting next week.

We had to wait until August 1st before the MCM folks posted their transfer policy and forms. We were hooked up with a buyer directly through the MCM main office, and the process was very smooth. The buyer’s had to pay us $171.20 for the 2 registrations before we would fax them our signed-off forms. Then, they need to fill out the remainder of the forms and mail them with $40 (total) to MCM to complete the transfer.

The buyers were on a 2 week vacation, until last Monday, so we didn’t receive the check until this past Friday. We cashed it Friday and faxed out the forms this morning. The money is now in our account and the process is out of our hands.

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