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Manhole problems…I mean the ones in the streets!

Ok, I’m just going to put this question out there and hope someone can answer it for me. Who decided to place every manhole exactly where you’re going to drive over it? They never seem to be in the middle of the lane, so that they’ll pass safely under your vehicle. Rather, they seem to be lined up to do the most damage to your suspension. Heck, in some parts of our town, there are 4, yes 4, manhole covers lined up 2 x 2 within a foot of each other. Why in the world do they need 4 manholes so close to each other? Can’t 4 guys just go down one hole in sequence?

Anyway, I’ve tried in earnest to find the answer online. Although I didn’t come back with any answers about their placement, I did find some interesting photography sites documenting “Manhole Covers of the World” and “Manhole Covers of Japan“. It appears some countries take pride in the thick round plates that protect us commoners from falling into rivers of our own sewage.

Additionally, I’ve found some information about exploding manholes (no laughs please (chuckle)), but that still doesn’t help explain why my tires seem attracted to these round pits of evil.

So, now that my rant is done, perhaps you, my loyal reader (uh, I hope there’s more than one) can explain to me why the road/sewer-building-people insist upon ruining my vehicles suspension by placing manholes in perfect symmetry with my truck’s tires.

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