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Man who won $93 million Powerball jackpot kept working for 4 months

I just read an article about a man who lost homes to Katrina, but won the $93,000,000 Powerball jackpot this past January. He didn’t claim the prize for nearly four months because quote:

He wanted to wrap up some of his construction work and finish his outstanding contracts. In fact, Hunter’s wife Dianne said he was still at work this week.

Wow, I respect the guy. I’ve told Stacie that if I won a big jackpot, I would still give the courtesy of a 2 week notice and work really hard to wrap things up. I’m sure she would do the same, and would probably even do some pro bono work on the side for the hospital (mainly because she loves her patients). But to wait almost 4 months? Nah, I’d go the very next business day and cash that puppy in!

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  • I wouldn’t leave people in the lurch, but I’d be too afraid of losing it if I held onto it that long! No, I’d be taking a sick day the very next day to drive to the lottery office and take care of it!

  • My husband I have had this conversation. I’d give a two weeks notice at my job (which he thinks is unnecessary, but…); he would probably finish out whatever school term he’s in.

    But – we would both be taking a day (or two, if necessary) off of work to go claim our money!

  • I get the feeling he owns his own business. I’d want to finish up my jobs as well before calling it quits.

    Did you read the article carefully? I think they had a third house that belonged to his wife where they lived after Katrina. Something tells me this guy did alright for himself over his 70+ years.

  • if i won, i would go to work, screw things up beyond repair, and say, see ya.

    no such thing as loyalty, our job security is fickle as a whole…


  • He passed up on 4 months on interest on $93 million! Idiot!

    I would quit my job, get the money and decide where to invest it, spend a few months figuring out how to manage money like that and then either go back to work part time for something I will truly enjoy or try out a few business ideas that are always rattling around in my head.

    I really don’t know if my husband would quit his job or not. He also really hates when people ask him hypothetical questions so I may never find out!

  • I don’t think he’s an idiot. $93 million is a whole lot of money that even if you don’t get any interest, you won’t normally be able to spend it all.

    I’m guessing that the reason is because he sees money as just that, money. Money may make things easier in life, but it can never buy a person true happiness or a good name.

    Kudos to him. ^_^

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