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Keto diet on a budget

Eating a Keto diet means eating low-carb and quality high-fat foods. Special diets, like the Ketogenic diet, do not have to cost you a fortune. In fact, if you shop right you may even find yourself saving money. Living a Keto lifestyle can help you live your healthiest life, so take the helpful tips below to the grocery store with you to help you stay on budget. It is possible to eat a Keto friendly diet while not over spending.

1 Bulk Up

Buy food in large quantities instead of small to cut the cost down. If you are buying small amounts of food then it can add up quickly as you will run out and need to replenish your stock much faster. To successfully save money buying in bulk, hit up your nearest wholesale store as this is where you will score the biggest deal on prices. An important tip to remember when buying in bulk is to not go too crazy and buy more than you think you will eat!

2 Freeze Meals

It may be time consuming, but cooking large amounts of food to meal prep will save you money and time in the long run. Choose one day of the week to dedicate to preparing your meals and you will be thanking yourself in the long run. Dish out meals in Tupperware or easy take-along containers so you have a pre-portioned meal ready to eat. Cooking your food and freezing extras will only stop food from going bad, but you will have many meals on hand.

3 Coupon, coupon, coupon!

Make coupons your best friend as much as possible and always keep your eyes open for daily deals at the supermarket. With the Keto diet, supplementing with BHB salts may be something you want to vamp up your diet with. You may want to check online to purchase the most recommended BHB salts that fits your budget. Most grocery stores will mark down meat and some fruits and vegetables by 20-30% when they are close to expiring. For meat, this is perfect because you can purchase as much as you want and freeze it so it does not expire. Also, check out if your favorite grocery store offers a points card that gives you money towards groceries, as this can be very helpful.

4  Buy Inexpensive Produce

No need to fork out tons of money for vegetables. Stick to stocking up on cheap vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery. These vegetables are extremely versatile so you can get lots of use out of them. Most supermarkets have good deals or inexpensive bulk prices for these kinds of vegetables.

5 Get Creative

When it comes to condiments or butters, take some time to make your own. It may seem like a lot of effort (and it is) but it pays off in the end and you can actually have some fun doing it. Get yourself a high-quality blender or processor to make nut butters, sturdy jars for storing or canning, and high-quality pots, pans, and grills to prepare your meals with. A lot of the condiments like salad dressings, dips, and salsas in the supermarket are not made with healthy ingredients. So, making your own allows you to be in control of what goes into each dip or sauce.

Eating a keto diet can be very beneficial to one’s health and it does not have to cost you a fortune to be the healthiest you! Try using these tips the next time you go grocery shopping so that you can save money and feel good at the same time.


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