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June Update to My PF Blog Reader List

I realized that I haven’t updated my finance reader list since March 20th, and that’s not very fair to the half-dozen blogs that I’ve added since then. But even though I’ve added a few sites to my list, I’ve also dropped about a dozen more. In March, I had 84 sites in my reader, but as of today, I have 75 personal finance sites in my reader.

Some of the sites stopped publishing, some completely vanished, and some only publish “net worth updates” or publish too sporadically. I still feel like I’m getting overwhelmed with information, but I keep slogging through it all in hopes that it’ll spark one clever article for me per month. Oh, and I probably like your articles too 🙂

And if you’re wondering, there’s only one site out of all 75 that I actually look for new posts each day. Can you guess which one?

Lastly, please look at the list and verify your site and RSS URLs. I rely on what I have in Google Reader, so if it’s out of date, please comment with the new information. Once I update it, I might delete the comment just so I know I got it.

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