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I’ve hit 800 subscribers!

Actually, I hit 808 subscribers. This was the count from yesterday as Feedburner shows the results one day later. This means about 808 readers requested my feed or received my emails yesterday.

Why should you subscribe?

If you subscribe to my RSS feed or email updates, you get my amazing humor and wit delivered right to your favorite feed reader (like Google Reader) or email inbox. You never even need to click through to my site! (unless you want to comment or participate in a reader poll of course). As a note, the emails are only sent once daily, and only if I updated something within the last 24 hours. All the posts are rolled up into a single email for your reading please.

Just think, you could read Clever Dude on your laptop or phone while sitting on the toilet! COOL!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe already!

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