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I’ve been interviewed by Lulu!

It seems like just 8 days ago that I was interviewed by Lending Club. This time it’s LuLuGal from How I Save mercilessly pounding me with questions. How did I get so popular?

Lulu has been a reader of this site for a long time, and I have been following her for almost as long. She’s a young, energetic woman who puts a fresh perspective on making money online. On a personal note, she’s currently recovering from surgery, so let’s all wish her a speedy recovery!

While you’re over at her site reading my interview, consider subscribing to her RSS feed.

Thanks Lulugal!

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  • Cool interview, some of those questions from Lulu are pretty direct. 🙂

    I look forward to reading your post in which you were super-vague. You’ve piqued my interest!

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