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Introducing My Guest Authors

I’ll be gone for about 10 days, but don’t worry, I’ve lined up about 16 guest articles from a wide range of authors from the 10th through the 20th. I’ve also thrown in one of my own new articles set to post this Tuesday (the 11th) that talks about “why my prosperity wasn’t based on luck”. I recount my trials of finding a job in my last year in college, the disappointment from dozens of rejections and how I actually overcame the challenges.

I want to thank the following contributors for helping me out while I’m away. As a note, my good friend Shawn will be monitoring the site and moderating the comments, so don’t think I don’t have a watchdog out there 😉

Here are the guest authors. The list is basically sorted in their order of appearance. I tried to spread the subject matter out appropriately. For instance, one article discusses the merits of using your cards to earn rewards (which I do), while another one declares the evils of credit card companies (with quite a bit of backup information). We even have a personal article on one writer’s quest to find a church that fits, which will post next Sunday.

Thanks again to all those who contributed to my request for guest articles. It’s made my trip planning much less stressful. And thanks to Shawn for keeping tabs on the site while I’m away! Aren’t friends wonderful?

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