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Yes, that’s right. My beautiful face is plastered atop an article where I espouse my wisdom and knowledge about personal finance, money, budgeting, and stupid things I’ve done (what does “espouse” mean?).

Noah and Cap from graciously requested an interview with me (aka Mike from to answer such questions as:

Best Financial Tip
Worst Financial Move Ever
What I need help with financially
A picture of “What’s in your wallet” – Obviously I couldn’t count the $8 in my wallet correctly and said there was only $7. My stupidity is burned forever into the internet! Well, that’s nothing new.

You may wonder “Why in the world would they ask YOU to talk about personal finance???” Well, Mr/Mrs/Dr/Pastor SmartPants, I happen to be the PRE-EMINENT, and maybe even the Eminent and Post-Eminent expert on making stupid mistakes with my money, and why would you want to ask someone who’s never made a mistake about how to fix something? Also, it’s extra press for their site and my own.

So, check out the article, send it to your friends, and feel free to print out the picture and draw a little pirate’s eye patch and beard on it.

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