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I won a copy of TurboTax Online 2008!

Although I’m a personal finance writer and often receive free books and other swag as part of the gig, I’m not going to pass up an easy contest if it’s something I need. And in this case, I needed the latest edition of TurboTax. Luckily, The Sun’s Financial Diary had just such a contest…and I won!

While I would have preferred an installable version since I used the Windows version for my 2007 taxes, I’m not opposed to trying out the online version. I previously used TaxCut Online for 3 years of taxes, but decided to try out TurboTax last year as TaxCut’s questionaire didn’t seem to fit my financial situation anymore.

I’ve already logged into TurboTax online, but I haven’t gotten a chance to enter any data yet. If the online version is just as good (or not as good) as the PC version, then I’ll let you know!

Thanks Sun!

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  • I am glad you can file your taxes for free this year 🙂

    I also started with TaCut but switched to TurboTax later. For the past couple of years when I used TurboTax, I found TurboTax is a little better. But I all used installed version. Try the online version and let us know if there’s any difference.

  • Congrats.. atleast you got what u actually wanted.. it’s like a blessing in disguise & u might deserve it so u earned it..

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