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I got the stoopid bricks!

That’s right. I got the “booby prize” from’s 2 year anniversary contest:

A box of bricks

Yep, a box of bricks. Here they are:

Box of BricksWhat makes it worse is:

1) I just bought 8 bricks yesterday at Home Depot to level the concrete slab that holds our pool pump and filter

2) I got 20 gb of MP3s last weekend from a friend, hoping I would get either the iPod Nano or Shuffle.

I guess I’ll just spin those MP3 DVDs on my finger real fast and try to listen closely. You can play them like records, right?

Thanks Nickel! jerk Thank your wife for the nice note you included! i hope your server crashes Good luck on another 2 years! 🙂

Ooh, maybe I’ll sneak them into Nick’s Mini Cooper to mess up his gas mileage! Nah. But we could cover them with fabric and use them to raise our daybed off the floor some more (for the trundle underneath). Guess it’s not all a wash! And Nickel, you’re still invited to Fogo de Chao next month if you’re in town! but I’m leaving you with the check!

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