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I got my free Gillette Fusion Razor from Walmart

Gillette Fusion 5+1 blade systemAs I had mentioned on January 24th, less than 2 weeks ago, Walmart was, and still is, offering a free sample Gillette Fusion 5+1 blade razor to the general public. I signed up and just received my free razor today in the mail.

I’ve already touted the excellent shave I get each morning from the Gillette Fusion I purchased on January 11th. Since purchasing my first Fusion, I went over 3 weeks without changing the cartridge until my shaves were getting a little rougher.

At the current rate, I’ll go through about 18 cartridges a year. Sam’s club has 16 cartridges for $37, so the overall cost for the remainder of this year would be $2.31 per cartridge and $37 a year to get a nice, smooth shave. Granted, I can grow a full beard in a few days, so the cost could be much lower for many of you with different genes.

Don’t forget to get your free Gillette Fusion today!

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  • You know I would almost envy you because I tried to get that freebie only to discover it had been discontinued. But then I realized oh I dont shave with razors anymore I use the electric one now. I think overall its been better.. I’m not sure how cost effective it is though.

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