Hummer drivers get the most traffic tickets

ISO Quality Planning of San Francisco issued a report (seen at Newsday) that shows Hummer drivers get the most traffic tickets per 100,000 miles driven, based on insurance company records.

And the Corvette and Mustang aren’t even in the top 10:

Vehicles with the Most Tickets

  1. Hummer H2, H3
  2. Scion tC
  3. Scion xB
  4. Mercedes CLK63AMG
  5. Toyota Solara Coupe
  6. Mercedes CLS63AMG
  7. Scion xA
  8. Subaru Outback
  9. Audi A4
  10. Toyota Matrix

I couldn’t find numbers, but I find it interesting that the H2 AND H3 are tied for #1 (if that was the intent). Also, the H2 is built on the Tahoe/Suburban frame, but if you look below, both the Tahoe and Suburban are in the least-ticketed group. Is it the type of driver of the Hummer? Is it the perception of police against the Hummer brand?

If you notice, the Scion brand vehicles are all in the top 10. The reason here is obviously that drivers of Scions tend to be younger (as they’re less expensive cars). And if you’re a fan of Top Gear UK, you’ll know that the “d**ks” that drive BMWs have moved onto Audis, hence the A4 on the list.

Vehicles with the Least Tickets

  1. Jaguar XJ
  2. Chevrolet Suburban
  3. Chevrolet Tahoe
  4. Chevrolet C/K 2500/3500 pickup
  5. Buick Park Avenue
  6. Mazda 6
  7. Buick Ranier SUV
  8. Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan
  9. Buick Lucerne
  10. GMC Sierra C1500 pickup

I’m still not sure the Chevy trucks and SUVs should be on this list because most of the ones I see on the road are flying by me, driven by soccer moms and contractor dads with a coffee in one hand and the other hand slapping their kids or coworkers.

The Buicks? Well duh. But I would have thought I’d see more “old people” cars like the Grand Marquis on the list. However, this list is traffic tickets, not necessarily just speeding tickets. I would guess that some of the old people cars are also driven by drug dealers (Caddilacs, Crown Vics, etc.) and they get pulled over for suspicion more often.

The one big surprise to me is the Mazda 6. It’s a fast, sporty car, affordable to the mid-20 set. How does it fly under the po-po radar?

Is your car on the list? Have personal experience to share? Do any of the entries surprise you?

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  • I think it’s hilarious that 3 out of 4 Scion models made it on the top ticketed list. You have a good point about them being driven by a lot of young drivers. We own 2 Scions and no tickets in them yet! I am also a little surprised to not see any Chevy or Fords on the top list though… I see a lot of Ford trucks flying by me on the highway often.

  • So I should trade in the ’01 Nissan Maxima for my parents’ Buick? No wonder they haven’t had any speeding tickets in decades! Well, that, and my tendency to drive speeds that are acceptable by Montana law enforcement :o)

    I can see why the Hummer brand is on there. It just gets noticed, but I am surprised by the Subaru making the list. Maybe it’s different shape just makes it stand out??

  • I think the ford and some other vehicles are removed simply because there are so many on the road that the results get diluted.

    I think this is judging demographics of the stereotypical driver of the vehicles more than it is the vehicle itself, not to say the results are not interesting.

    I and really can not stand the scion box vehicle, it makes the whole line of their stuff ugly in my mind, no offense to you Karen.

  • Interesting. I own 3 of the vehicles on this list. I have gotten tickets in my Subaru Outback, I have not gotten tickets in either my Mazda6 or Chevy 2500.

    So I guess my experience matches these stats.

  • My current car (I drive an Audi A4 — does that make me a d**k?) is on the most ticketed list, but my previous car (Mazda 6) is on the least ticketed list.

  • Interesting stuff. My car isn’t on either list, but then, I’m driving an eleven-year-old Mercury Sable; I imagine it’s pretty low on list of cars driven by those prone to traffic tickets…

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