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How to Pay for Christmas without Going into Debt

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Christmas is coming soon, and for most people that means a lot of pounds being spent to decorate, feed, and provide gifts for everyone on Santa’s ‘good’ list.

In fact, it is Christmas that is responsible for nearly 35% of all cases of debt that will occur during the year! The average family will spend a lot during the Christmas season, in addition to their regular bills.

Saving during the Christmas holiday isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. Want to have a joyful season without paying the cost at the year ahead? Take a look at these creative ways to pay for Christmas without going into debt.

1.      Join Reward Programs

Reward programs are plentiful, and after you join (for free, of course) you have the chance to earn cool prizes and gift cards for completing easy tasks such as web searches, surveys, reading e-mails and more.  Many of the programs even pay you to shop, too! With the right program you can really stack up on the rewards, even funding your entire Christmas shopping experience.

2.      Turn your Hobby into Cash

Many people take on a part-time job during the Christmas season. Rather than do this, why not turn your hobbies into cash? You can find funds from crafting, baking, babysitting and more, all of which can be used for gift-buying, decorating or your favorite holiday tradition. Many websites enable you to sell your handmade goods for only a small fee. Consider this for Christmas help.

3.      Shop Around

Although shopping around isn’t going to put any extra cash in your hands, it will help the best deal to be found so you can do more with what you have. No fees are associated with shopping around, and with the Internet and numerous other comparison sources available it is fast and easy to do any time you want the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting more than what you bargained for. By things throughout the year when on sale and just store them away until the holidays.

4.      Use your Loyalty Points and Rewards

Most of us have tons of points on our credit card loyalty programs, and during Christmas you will find it the perfect time to redeem them and give yourself a reward. Since there are so many fabulous loyalty reward programs who knows what this could get you?

5.      Online Work

Although it may technically be a second job, working from home doesn’t feel like work at all, especially when you spend time on the computer. Many different types of online work positions are available. Complete surveys, write reviews, work as a customer service representative the online work possibilities are truly endless, with great amounts of Christmas funding available in the time of need.

Making Spirits Bright

Why go into debt to make Christmas magnificent when it isn’t necessary? All of the above methods of earning Christmas money are fun, easy and simple.  This makes it perfect for you and helps make Christmas all that you want it to be and so much more! Take advantage of the chance to make this holiday season extra cheerful and bright without it costing you dearly.


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