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How to Hack Your Way Around Starbucks’ High Prices

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Similar to Whole Foods, Starbucks has a reputation for being an expensive coffee  option. While this can be true, there are a number of ways that patrons can use to keep coffee purchases within reason.

There are a number of approaches that you can use to save money on your next Starbucks purchase. It’s so easy and you’ll never again be frustrated with the cost of your next latte.

Savings Opportunity #1

Don’t add on-to your drink. The next time you hear the following order “I would like a double tall, extra hot, vanilla, soy, no foam latte.” Be aware that there are 3 up sales in that order. A double refers to two espresso shots-each shot is averages around .75 cents. The vanilla in the order refers to vanilla flavoring. Flavorings tend to cost around .35 and soy milk is around .50 cents to add to a drink.

Savings Opportunity #2

Keep it small! Instead of choosing a Venti (or large) drink, choose a short or a tall. In fact, a short is a small drink that is smaller than the tall. Most people are unaware that this drink is on the menu. Shorts are around 6 oz. a cup and a tall drink runs closer to 8 oz. a cup. The difference in price between the two sizes tends to be .10 cents so if you prefer a larger drink choose the tall size.

Savings Opportunity #3

Use your treat receipt. If you purchase a drink in the morning and know that you are in the habit of having a second drink in the afternoon-go with a friend and split the cost. Typically the drink receipts are for iced drinks.

Savings Opportunity #4

Purchase your drinks during “happy hour.” Similar to a bar’s happy hour, drinks are offered at a discount. Talk to your barista to see if they know when the next happy hour will happen.

Savings Opportunity #5

Use your Starbucks Rewards card strategically. Make sure to load your Starbucks card and use it to make purchases. You will usually earn, discounts, or a free drink after purchasing a certain number of drinks. You can also access your Starbucks card via the Starbucks app.

Savings Opportunity #6

Don’t buy food at Starbucks.  Bistro boxes, pastries, and snack bars are next to the checkout. These are upsell opportunities for Starbucks to increase the average customer purchase.

Savings Opportunity #7

Decrease your weekly visits. This one is hard if you have a daily coffee habit. Alternate your Starbuck visits and go either Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Overtime this strategy will save a substantial amount of money for consumers.

You now have seven savings opportunities that you can use that will enable you to continue enjoying your coffee habit without the guilt. Remember before your next Starbucks visit to do the following: order smaller, don’t add extras, eating at Starbucks can be expensive, use your rewards card, cut down the number of weekly visits, use the savings opportunities presented to you by Starbucks, and finally enjoy your next drink. You might even get lucky when Starbucks decides to have a free coffee day!

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  • Best saving strategy is just don’t go to Starbucks. The only one I’ve been in is located in our local Barnes and Noble and I’ll sit at the table to peruse my stack of books, but I’ve never ever bought coffee from them. Don’t like their prices or their politics so no money from me.

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