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How Often Does Credit Karma Update?

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There are countless credit monitoring services available these days, but they generally require a fee. Credit Karma provides your credit score from 2 of the 3 credit reporting bureaus, credit report information and suggestions for financial products that may help you. It’s also completely free and legitimate. You can read more about Credit Karma in a recent post right here on CleverDude. If you use Credit Karma as a free means to monitor what’s going on with your credit accounts, you might wonder how often does Credit Karma update its information?

How Often Does Credit Karma Update?

Credit Karma updates its information once per week. That means once every seven days Credit Karma gets the very latest credit score from the Experian and the TransUnion, as well as an updated view of your credit accounts including your payment history and balances.

Information Disclaimer

While Credit Karma does update its information weekly, your information may not be 100% current. When Credit Karma pulls your latest data, it gets whatever the credit reporting bureaus give them. If their system hasn’t been updated, or if creditors haven’t reported current data yet, then your information may seem a bit behind. Usually, the information doesn’t lag behind by more than a week or two depending upon what day of the week Credit Karma pulls the data.

Credit Karma is a great way to monitor your credit score, how it’s trending, as well as your credit account information. Credit karma updates its information once a week, meaning you’ll always have the very latest information to help protect your identity and to ensure your financial information is being reported correctly.

How about you CleverFriends, how do you monitor your credit information? How often does it get updated?

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