How Much is Your Health Worth?

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Late last week, I went to the doctor to discuss some issues I have been having. The doctor very bluntly told me that my body would function much better overall if I lost some weight.  I am overweight as I stand 5 foot 11 and weigh in at 217, however I am also fairly muscular. But two years ago I weighed 180 on the nose, so there has been a significant amount of weight gain in a relatively short period of time.  Which the doctor said may explain some of my health issues.

Later that day, my wife and I visited an in-law that had been admitted to the ICU of a local hospital. I curiously peeked in each of the rooms as I walked through the unit. Quite honestly, all of the patients looked like they were on death’s door, and it really drove home how important our health really is. Between the doctor’s appointment and the ICU visit, I felt like I really need to make my health a bigger priority in my life.  Even though I workout regularly, I could do better and my diet could be improved dramatically. This revelation was very timely as the summer membership at a full service gym is set to end after the Labor Day weekend.

We had a big decision to make.

We had every intention of going back to a much less expensive bare bones gym at the end of the summer, as we joined the full service gym mainly to have extra summer activities for the kids. But the funny thing is, over the summer the whole family has become more active because of the gym membership.

My wife has wanted to lose weight for a long time, but the bare bones gym did not seem to inspire her. Over the last three months she has visited the gym with increasing consistency. I have been having a great time building a strength training routine for my son and I to do together. Our daughter has taken a liking to running around the indoor track with her friends as well as playing in the indoor pool.

We want to continue to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for our entire family. The bare bones gym is not usable by the kids, and could squash the momentum my wife has gained. Therefore we have decided to extend our membership, which will cost us $150 a month. The way to get value out of a gym membership is to use it, and our goal is to visit the gym as a family five days a week.

We are not viewing it as an expense, but instead an investment in our health and and in our family.

There certainly are less expensive ways to be active as a family. But while the price tag is a significant amount of money, if we can afford it (we can), and we feel it will help us lead healthier, happier lives AND connect as a family it is money well spent.

How much would you pay for a gym membership if it benefited your entire family?

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  • Are you really getting your money’s worth from the higher expense gym membership if your weight went up so much over the summer? Sounds like you are trying to justify continuing with the added cost. If you and your family really benefit, then by all means, pay the extra. But if you just had a few fun visits, and did not get into a regular workout routine several times a week, perhaps you need a different kind of motivation/workout. One that may not cost as much. Such as ride a bike, go on daily walks with your family, change your diet, get into a jogging after work group.

  • @Bryce- Great question! My weight didn’t go from 180 to 217 over the summer – it went up that much over the last two years. The reason for staying at the more expensive gum is that I believe it is having not only a positive influence on myself (I have been going more often), but also on my entire family. Being able to do it as a family activity (we wouldn’t be able to at the bare bones gym as kids are not allowed) gives us more of an incentive to go – not only for myself as an individual but also towards making fitness and health a large part of our entire family’s lifestyle. Thanks for your input!

  • I would pay a lot for the gym membership for my family if it is what would get my family to the gym and nothing else would get them to stay in shape.

    We are a super healthy and fit family, but assuming we weren’t and the gym was the only way we would ever get a workout in, then it is a priceless investment.

    The rest of my immediate family isn’t very healthy and they pay dearly financially and emotionally. Our health is worth every penny.

    The Warrior

  • I think its that comprehensive gym membership is worth every penny. As you point out, its really beneficial for the whole family and if the only downside is the cost I would say the benefits far outweigh the cost.
    Plus, with you and the entire family becoming healthier, you can not only earn more but you won’t have to spend much in future for avoidable health related issues.
    And the clincher, its an awesome way to spend some quality time with the family…thats just priceless!

  • @TheWarrior – I agree. Different approaches work for different people. If someone can get their family to be active without a gym membership, more power to them. For me, it’s about strength training and striving to be in great physical shape. I’m getting there, but I need to work on what I put in my mouth. The real gain here is the family activity. Seeing my son finally get up off the computer chair and come lift weights with me has been nothing short of awesome!

  • @Simon – Your health is a lot like a retirement account, wouldn’t you say, Simon? Getting old and having health problems always seems so far away – there’s ALWAYS tomorrow to start getting back into shape. Invest in it now, so you can reap the rewards later! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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