How much do you know about driving rules?

GMAC Insurance has a neat 20 question test it used to gauge drivers’ knowledge in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. I took the test and I’m glad to report that I scored higher than the nation’s highest (Idaho=80%) with a whopping 85% (3 questions wrong). I’d tell you the questions I got wrong, but it would ruin the test for you, so I’ll just say I chose not far off from the correct answers.

You can see the national rankings here.

No surprise NY and NJ have no ideas how to drive properly. However, my knowing most of the right answers and my actual driving habits don’t always correspond.

How did you score? And no cheating!

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  • I got a 95% (one question wrong). The only question I got wrong, I originally put the correct answer and changed it for a similar one.

  • I scored a 90 – and I live in NY. 🙂

    But yeah, I agree with you – most of the people who live in NY (and especially NJ) 😉 don’t know how to drive.

    That was a fun quiz on a Friday morning.

  • 90%. Fog (which seem to trip up others too) and steady yellow.

    Not bad considering I ride my bike most of the time!

  • 85% and I’m from NJ. And two that I got wrong, I was going to choose that answer (like Jennifer).

    Learning to drive in NJ has its benefits. Traffic circles? no problem. Potholes and pedestrians? no problem? Jughandles? no problem? Diving in NYC? more of a problem, but doable.

  • 80% and from NJ — 3 questions I got wrong, I originally had the right answers and changed them. Oh well. I still beat the state average.

    I agree that NJ/NY have their own set of rules. One being that you go with the flow of traffic which is usually driving 80! Love those NJ highways 🙂 And if you aren’t from NJ, stay away from the traffic circles because you will never understand! LOL!

    As far as driving in NYC, there are no rules…. run red lights, don’t stop at stop signs, don’t pay attention to turning lanes. Anything goes. You just have to be aware its going to happen.

  • 85% — the “following distance “and the “passing on the right” questions are what got me…

    Sure, I know that it’s legal to pass on the right when someone is turning left, but has anyone noticed how most drivers tend to swerve to the right as they’re about to turn left? That drives me bonkers.

    Perhaps I’m too defensive behind the wheel… 😉

  • 95%, and the one I missed I was too conservative. My experience here tells me that most Floridians wouldn’t fare as well on tests like this.

  • 90%, and I live in New York. I had always heard that Florida had the worst drivers, but I stand corrected. Mea culpa. Well, there’s no where to go but up, right?

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