How Much Cash Should I Give As A Graduation Gift?

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My son will be graduating from high school in about a month, so our refrigerator has been filling up with invitations to graduation parties for his friends not to mention other family members and the children of some of our friends. For each graduation invitation, we’re assembling a card and monetary gift. The hard part is figuring out the appropriate amount to give each person. The rule of thumb for graduation gifts is based on what kind of relationship you have with the student.

Is Cash An Appropriate Gift For A High School Graduate?

There certainly are many great graduation gift ideas, but unless you know the graduate very well cash could be the better option. The graduate is either heading off to college or starting their life off as an adult. In either case, cash is needed and appreciated!

How Much Cash Should I Give An Acquaintance?

Many people will invite casual friends or coworkers to their child’s graduation. An appropriate cash gift here is in the $25-$30 range.

How Much Cash Should I Give A Close Friend?

If you are invited to the graduation of a child of a friend, an appropriate cash gift is in the $50-$75 range. When selecting an amount, take into consideration your relationship with the parent. The closer the friend, the higher in the range you should consider for a gift.

How Much Cash Should I Give My Child’s Friend?

Your child’s friends may invite you to their graduation if they have gotten to know you over the years of their friendship. If you know the parents, use the range for Acquaintance or Close Friend. If you don’t know the parents, a gift in the $20-$25 range will suffice.

How Much Cash Should I Give A Distant Relative?

When graduation reception invitation lists are made, it’s typically customary to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles and similar age cousins. Some people may go even further than that along the family tree. These people may be actively involved in the graduate’s life, some may not. If it’s a relative that is distant or one that you have not been actively involved in their life, think of a cash gift in the range of $30 to $40.

How Much Cash Should I Give A Close Relative?

If you have a close relationship with the graduate, have been active in their life, or have a special role in their life (example: Godparents), consider a cash gift of $50-$100.

Having some good guidelines as the ones in this article will help you determine how much cash you should give a high school graduate. That being said, never give more than you can afford, and don’t eat too much cake!

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  • I think that you have to make or buy a personalized graduation gift and give him the money aside. I am sure that he will love more the gift because every time he looks at it will remain him about his graduation.

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