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Highlighting the Highlighters: Clever Dude gets ranked!

I’ve been holding these bookmarks for a while, and I’ve accumulated enough to make it worthwhile to write a post. There have been a number of sites recently that have either ranked or highlighted with other Personal Finance sites. Maybe it was just for link juice, or maybe they really love Clever Dude (probably a mix), but I’d still like to recognize those posts here:

  • How I Will Be Rich highlighted Clever Dude as a “site to make you wealthy” in his huge post “78 Blogs to Make You Wealthy, Healthy and Happy”.
  • One Snarky Chica added me in the Personal Finance related blogs section of her “Guide to the Best Personal Finance Websites and Resources” article.
  • Although it appears a month old, Fire Finance updated their Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs post for October. Clever Dude ranked 15th for Sitemeter traffic, 25th for Compete ranking and 36th for Quantcast.
  • And just this week, the Frugal Law Student highlighted 10 Personal Finance Blogs You NEED to Subscribe to. Guess what, Clever Dude was one of them. I still don’t think my drivel is worth a spot in your readers or email boxes, but over 900 of you agree. Now let’s get up to 1000 subscribers!!!

Thanks everyone! You make me feel so special 🙂

It wasn’t until recently that I started bookmarking these lists, so if you wrote one, shoot me an email with the link and I’ll check it out.

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