Heading to the Pope’s Mass

Just a quick note that Stacie and I will be hangin’ with Pope B XVI this morning in the new Nationals Ballpark. I’m pretty excited to see the new stadium AND be one of a few thousand (well, about 45,000) who gets to attend the Pope’s mass here in D.C. I will say I have mixed feelings about the church hierarchy, but I’m not going to turn down free tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime experience AND to see the new stadium for just the cost of the metro fare!

And if you’re watching the mass on TV, we’ll be on the third base line.

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  • Isnt the pope more of a curiosity in america? I didnt think a huge percentage of USians were catholic.

    have fun. tell us what the new stadia is like and if the mass was good/bad/indifferent and if they used grape juice or not (mm maybe they wont do communion for 45k ppl)

  • I was VERY cranky about the crowds on my metro commute today….couldn’t they have figured out how to run more trains on the green line to help alleviate that? It was crazy! I hope you enjoyed the mass, though.

  • Typically with that many people at Mass, they’ll have a huge team of Eucharistic Ministers. I’m guessing they’ll have 2 or so per section in the stadium to handle it.

  • Nice! And wow, you guys got back pretty early, kudos. All those other buggers were in everyone’s way during rush hour. arghh….

    Looking forward to hearing about what you and the Pope talked about.

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