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Happy Thanksgiving…See you next week!

Clever Dudette and I will be in Pennsylvania visiting family for Thanksgiving, while Nick is protecting our house and swimming in our ice-cold pool. I hope he doesn’t wear that string bikini again. The neighbors called the cops the last time.
Since you should also be visiting with family or friends, or at least volunteering all of your time at soup kitchens during this holiday, I’m sure you don’t have time to read lil’ ole’ Clever Dude, right?

See you next week!

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  • Just discovered your blog and read a few of your posts – excellent and interesting stuff. This post was very interesting and kudos on all the windfalls.

    I live in the states (not to far from you in Northern VA), though originally from Australia, so my blog has a little bit of both countries in it. However finance is finance no matter where you are and you can’t go wrong with saving/investing etc/

    I have added your blog to my US Blogroll.


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