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Got my tuition reimbursement…minus 20 cents!

Back on June 21st, I told you I registered for my first semester of graduate classes. It cost $4,950 for 2 classes ($2,475 each). That day, I submitted my reimbursement paperwork to my boss. He signed it, but his boss was out until the following Wednesday (June 27th).

I wasn’t sure how long I would need to wait to get the $4950, so I paid $1,500 out of our checking which was originally slated for debt paydown, and then pulled $3,500 from our HSBC savings account for the rest. I’ve never really had that kind of money in savings before I married Stacie. She’s really helped show me the ways of an “emergency fund”. The emergency here was avoiding 10%+ interest on $5,000. Not what most people would deem as an emergency I guess.

But here’s the strange part. I got the direct deposit notice from Bank of America this morning. I opened up the email and saw my regular paycheck plus the tuition reimbursement. The reimbursement wasn’t for $4950 though…it was for $4949.80.

Is my CEO skimming off the top of our expense reports or something? It’s not like that 20 cents went towards tax! Maybe the check stub will explain why they couldn’t give me that other 20 cents, but I doubt it will. I looked back at the forms I submitted, and they clearly said $4950. Odd. Very odd.

I’m just happy I can throw that money back into savings to earn 5.05% interest again.

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