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Gillette Fusion – A Razor with a Fine Edge

Yesterday, the last of my Schick Quattro cartridges gave up on me. I’ve been waiting for this moment for one reason. I wanted to try out the new Gillette Fusion Manual Razor.

I purchased the razor from Sam’s Club last night, and the package also had 6 cartridges. This morning, I couldn’t wait to shave. You see, I have some certain European DNA that encourages my follicles to grow thick, stiff hair, so shaving can often be painful and bloody. I’ve tried electric razors before, and they left my face chapped (however, they produced some smooth skin). Also, electric razors take a bit longer on my face than a regular razor, and they require maintenance.

Now, back to the shaving experience. I lathered on the cream and off I went. I admit, I was a bit unnerved at all those shiny razors. My Quattro was not kind to my skin, but it was a shade better than the Mach 3 I moved up from. Now comes the Fusion…

I admit this was the smoothest shave I’ve ever had. The 5 blades just skated across my face like Brian Boitano (is he a good skater?), and at almost 5pm, I only have a 2pm shadow. Normally, I have a 5 o’clock shadow at 9am, but not today.

So, I can sincerely endorse the Gillette Fusion Manual Razor for any man who needs a close, smooth and painless shave.

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