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Get to know Married and Broke

No, Married and Broke aren’t the names of the writers of The writers are Tyler and Robin, a young married couple who recently learned that blogging can help them AND you. We decided to swap interviews, so you can check out their interview with me here.

Married and Broke

I decided to throw in a few different questions in my interrogation of Tyler and Robin. Enjoy!:

Clever Dude: Why did you start blogging?

Married and Broke: Because I am a cool like you! Actually, my wife and I were trying to find a way to reach the masses and explain our story. We are the typical married couple in D-E-B-T. However, we feel that creating MarriedandBroke enabled us to inspire and be inspired. We are hoping to help relationships both financially and matrimonially.

Clever Dude: How do you describe your blog?

Married and Broke: We want MarriedandBroke to follow an informal theme. However, we will stick to finances, marriage, random happenings, etc. It’s a chance for us to help others and be helped through our financial journey.

Clever Dude: What are your personal favorite blog posts (from your site).

Married and Broke: I’m a fan of the ones I have submitted to some blog carnivals.

  • Emergency Fund vs. Credit Card Debt
  • Tithing Post
  • Bankrates Awesome Calculators
  • Bullet Proof Budgets

Clever Dude: What are your specific financial goals? 1 year, 5 years and 10 years?

Married and Broke:

  • 1 year- To be out of credit card debt and personal loan debt. To only have “good” debt like our car and my student loan.
  • 5 years- To be completely debt free, in a house and making double mortgage payments.
  • 10 years- have 2.5 children, living comfortably and out of debt.

(CD – You’re gonna have to ask them what the half child means 🙂 )

Clever Dude: How do you handle sharing your finances in your marriage? Do you have joint or separate accounts?

Married and Broke (Robin): As the wife I take care of our finances since they are at the place where I work. I do let my husband know what is going on though. We have a joint account that we both have access to.

Clever Dude: Are you a cash or credit spender? Any quick advice for managing spending?

Married and Broke: We are credit spenders since we like the reward points that we get. I am sure that will change in a few years once we are out of debt. Figure out what you like to eat and learn how to make it at home. It will save you money instead of going out to eat. We also try to go to places that are offering a deal or have coupons. Makes if feel special when we get a great deal going out. Another thing we do is to stay busy, if we are bored we will go shopping or go out to eat hence forth we are spending money.

Clever Dude: Thanks for the insight Tyler and Robin! I recommend that all of you subscribe to Married and Broke’s RSS Feed if you aren’t already.

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  • Which half of the child would you prefer? Top or bottom? j/k

    I’ll definitely check out this blog, it’s pretty close to my wife and my situation from the looks of things.

  • Thanks Mark. You should definitely subscribe to my feed.

    Since you asked, I would prefer to have the top half of the child. Yes you have to deal with spit up and crying, but I wouldn’t have to change diapers!

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