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Get Cash For Your Old Cell Phone with SellCell

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Many of us have old cell phones floating around our houses. In many places, you are not allowed to throw old cell phones in the trash, so it becomes a question of what to do with the old unit when you upgrade to a new one.

SellCell has created a great solution to the problem, allowing cell phone owners to trade their old cell phones for cash. You get rid of the phone, it does not go to a landfill, and you make some cash on the deal. It’s a win-win situation! has been rated as the number one cell phone recycling price comparison website in the United States. The company’s website has the ability to show and compare the prices of all the top cell phone buyers in the country and immediately connects sellers with buyers through its program. Results are returned in seconds and the company offers a best price guarantee, meaning that if a seller finds a higher price within 24 hours of placing the order, SellCell will refund the seller double the difference.

Selling your old cell phone through SellCell is very easy. The company has streamlined the selling process to make selling an old cell phone both simple and quick. After using the search box at the top of the website page to find your phone model in the system, the program returns a list of phone buyers that are interested in purchasing the type of phone you would like to sell. Once you have determined which phone buyer you would like to sell your old cell phone to, you can click on the ‘sell now’ button to be connected with the phone buyer’s site, which will have instructions on how to ship your old phone to them for free. After the phone buyer has received and reviewed the quality of your old cell phone, you will receive your payment.

You can sell both working cell phones and non-working cell phones through the SellCell website. Each buyer will have the conditions of purchase listed in their terms and conditions on their respective websites. Be sure to read this information carefully to ensure you know what is required of the phone that you send to them. The prices for both working cell phones and non-working cell phones are displayed on the SellCell site. Using the site, you can also review the payment methods that the phone buyer can use to pay you for your phone and how long it will take to receive your payment.



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