Grilling and Fireworks: Fourth Of July Safety Tips

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Two popular Fourth of July activities includes grilling and fireworks. Both can be very enjoyable, but also dangerous if done incorrectly. If your Independence Day plans include these activities, stay safe with the following list of Fourth of July safety tips.


Let’s start with grilling, where fire meets food to satisfy our primal caveman desires.

  • Keep it Outside: Grilling is an outdoor activity. If the weather turns on you, resist the temptation to bring it too close to the house or in your garage. You might melt your siding or make people sick with poisonous fumes.
  • Check For Gas Leaks: It’s always a good idea to periodically check your gas grill for leaks. Inspect everything a few days prior to giving yourself some time to do repairs if necessary.
  • Keep Others Away From The Grill: Keep water balloon wars and football games far away from the grill. This is one of the most important Fourth of July safety tips because it will prevent loved ones from getting burned and precious grilled food from ending up on the ground.
  • Be Prepared For A Grease Fire: If your fire gets out of control, your garden hose isn’t going to do you any good. Have a bucket of sand nearby to smother the flames in case of emergency.
  • Put Away The Lighter Fluid: Once you get your coals lit, put the lighter fluid away. Better yet, never buy it in the first place. Squirting lighter fluid onto a grill can cause serious injury.


Many people are satisfied to leave lighting fireworks to professionals, but some want to light off their own. Fireworks can injure or even kill if you’re not careful.

  • Point Fireworks Away From Homes: Whether the firework goes air born or stays on the ground, point it away from any building that can catch fire.
  • Be Aware Of Conditions: Wind can blow burning embers where you don’t want them, and dry conditions can make a fire much more likely. If either wind or dryness is a concern, skip lighting fireworks of your own this year.
  • Beware Of Duds: Stay away from fireworks that don’t ignite. Wait 20 minutes, then douse it with water.
  • Be Prepared For A Fire: Have buckets of water or a hose handy to quickly extinguish unwanted fires.
  • Wear Safety Glasses: They’re super cheap and can save your eyesight.
  • Maintain Safe Distance: Keep spectators far away from the fireworks. After lighting a firework, run as far away as you can to prevent injury.

This Fourth of July, fire up the grill and enjoy some fireworks if you’re so inclined. Using the above list you can safely make memories that will last a lifetime.

How about you, Clever Friends, how do you plan to stay safe this Fourth of July? What would you add to this list of Fourth of July safety tips?

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