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Favorite Childhood Hobbies That Grow with You


As a child, there are things you do because you have to, things you do because you want to, and things you do because you really enjoy them. Hobbies are often how time is passed throughout the childhood years. Whether it was doing arts and crafts in school or playing a musical instrument, there was a lot of fun to be had in those hobbies and quite a few lessons learned along the way. As people age, however, many tend to get away from those simple things that made them smile and improved the quality of our lives as children. However, if you just you really think about it you might just come to realize that a lot of your old hobbies are actually pretty cool to try now.

Remote Control Vehicles

Little boys and girls alike love the idea of playing with remote control cars, boats, helicopters, and other vehicles. There’s something about the hands-free approach to controlling a little toy vehicle that lights up those tiny faces. Though you might feel a bit awkward taking that hot wheel ride outside to “play” as an adult, there are cool remote-control vehicles that you can enjoy as an adult. Some of the best outdoor RC helicopter drones have cameras attached so you can get awesome footage while you control the device (there is a sweet picture of a similar drone above). This can be a great hobby to try with the kids on the weekends.

Building Model Cars, Boats, and Trains

Some of you might remember helping dad or grandpa build model cars, boats in a jar, and mini trains. The unique time spent together and the lessons you learn along the way are timeless. From patience and attention to detail to timing and organization, the more skilled you were the easier it became to create masterpieces with your own hands. Instead of building a tiny car, invest in a good junk car and build your own from the ground up. There’s nothing more fulfilling than completing the mechanical and aesthetics on a car you can drive around and show off to others. Attend vintage car shows and even post your ride on social media for extra attention.

Collecting Strange Things

Do any of you remember wanting to collect strange things when you were a kid? From collecting cool stickers and postage stamps to coins, rubber bands, and everything in between, it seemed that hoarding things as a child was somehow a lot of fun. While you may not have held onto every collection you had as a kid (this would probably cause an argument with your spouse), some things you may have collected over the years could be worth something. Stuffed animals like Beanie Babies, comic books from Marvel, and even rare coins are all valuable. This can be a hobby you keep going with your children and grandchildren creating family assets to pass down from generation to generation.

Creative Writing

Were you the kid who always volunteered to stand up and read in front of the class? Perhaps you were the student who loved attending poetry slams and writing neat little short stories or keeping a diary/journal. If so, writing is a great hobby to pursue. Not only can you share your stories with others, but you can make some serious money doing it. A lot of people are paid to write everything from poems and songs to short stories and novels, which could turn out to be a pretty cool gig.

Hobbies are worth investing in when you have the disposable money to do so. In many instances, your hobbies could end up helping to improve the quality of your life. Not to mention, the right hobby could actually make you some extra cash. So, dig deep into your bank of childhood memories and consider some of the things you used to enjoy doing. Are they possible to try now? Could you make money from them? In today’s society, the sky’s the limit.

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