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Examine Your Motives Series: Introduction

Stacie and I were discussing some major topics recently such as having kids and buying a new car. As you may know, we recently sold our Chevy Malibu, and we’ve also been discussing adoption and biological birth pretty heavily.

Then a light bulb turned on over my head. Literally because it was getting dark in the dining room so I turned on the light. Anyway, I asked myself “What is my motivation for this? What am I trying to get out of this?”. The “this” was things like having children, buying another car for Stacie, or selling our home in 2 years. So I decided to write a series to ask myself, and all of you, “What is your motivation?”.

So all this week, I’ll be posting articles in this series to question such things as going to college, having kids, and buying a home. I’m not the type to get all statistical on you. Rather, I intend to question your emotions, feelings and goals. This isn’t about comparing yourself to me and Stacie, but to help dig deeper into your thought process to figure out what YOU really want out of life.

Here’s the series so far:

  1. Going to College
  2. Buying a Car
  3. Having Kids
  4. Buying a Home
  5. Changing Jobs

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