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Everything is amazing, but nobody is happy

Around Thanksgiving, I wrote a little humor article called “Being More Thankful than Those Little Brats!” where I talked about the “hardships” of my childhood. For example, using a rotary phone, or not having a cell phone or the internet.

A friend passed the following video along titled “Louis CK ‘Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy'” from Youtube. It’s a great accompaniment from a comedian on Conan O’Brien to my earlier article.

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  • Louis CK makes a great point. It’s easy to get used to luxuries, and the problem is that if you enjoy them, you get used to them — but if you don’t enjoy them, why have them?

    By the way, you’re on my list of great tax blogs. I cheated a little, since your general personal finance stuff is what I really come to the site to read, but your tax advice is definitely an important part of that.

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