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Employees: Working, Earning, and Saving Money


Here is an employee’s story. The employee gets up, travels to work, pull in the hours, travel back home, get something done with the little time he has left, and pulls the same routine the next day. The clock keeps ticking and life keeps on going. As the story goes on, it remains the same until the regular holiday and weekends. Those days you might go out and spend the money you worked so hard for. It might be that you are trying to save it for the future. It all depends if you have plans or no plans at all.

There are two types of people, one who manage and plan well and the second who do not plan and live their life on-the-roll. Both types can be excellent at their jobs. If one is not a good planner and manager of personal resources, it does not mean they will not do well with the resources on their job.

If you fall in the first category and are looking to earn more or if you fail in the second category and want to save money on your expenses; here is a list for you to take tips on earning and saving money:

  1. Take help of policies- If you are not a great saver and if you constantly find yourself spending all the salary before end of month, you can take help of policies. You can always set a specific amount to be saved each month and spend that money in a policy. Banks offer great policies and investment options where you can keep on putting money each month and get a great deal of return on investment.
  2. Sell Your Old Stuff- Go into your old trunks and find something that others will find useful. If you search long and hard, there are chances that you find something really good which will go for a high price. Old comics and toys also go for high prices if you have those available. Anything that is off the market now would be a good option to put on it.
  3. Sell Your Skill- Just like any skilled worker or an expert, you can sell your skill too and earn money in return. All you need to do is put your skill to use creating a profile and setting a rate for it.  Firstly, you need to identify a sellable skill of yours. It is not absolutely certain that the tasks you carry out in your job will give you skill that could be sold as a freelancer. For example, if you are really good in studies you can do assignments for students at websites like TopAssignmentExperts and earn cash for it.
  4. Renting Things- You can always search through your inventory and find things to rent out. It is not absolutely certain that you will be able to find something to rent but looking closely, there is always something that others would find useful. An old camera, a canvas stick, or even an old painting.  You can post about those online and make it available.
  5. Freelancing- You can do writing tasks for other people; that includes writing CVs, statement of purposes, ghostwriting, and writing Resumes for clients.  There are multiple websites available online that give out writing assignments; websites like PaperDoers and Essaywriter4u provide such tasks to people looking out to work on written projects.
  6. Surveys- This is an easy one. Organizations take out surveys, opinion polls, and focus groups for other ones to achieve a status. You can sign up for such surveys and register your opinion to earn money in return. You can search on the internet and look out for such surveys. You can also sit down in focus groups; that will pay more.
  7. Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is another prime job that will help you earn money in return. All you have to do is enroll yourself in a program and earn incentives when you bring in a customer. If you have a vast group of customers you can bring in, you can go ahead and negotiate the rates of bringing in people. ThanksForTheHelp is one such website which offers money in return of bringing in customers.
  8. Small Gigs- There are many organizations that post small gigs and jobs for specific times and events. Many of those can fit well with your timings and let you earn some cash. For example, there might be a cleaning job at a concert that will let you earn money, attend the concert for free, and provide a certificate for work.
  9. Social Media Marketing- At nighttime, you can start promoting a company’s products and services. Companies offer incentives to people who are really good at their social media game. If you can take time out, it will let you earn some cash sitting at home.

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