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Earn Cash Back From Online Shopping Through DollarDig!


I do a little happy dance every time I discover that something I’m purchasing also happens to be on sale. It’s like putting money directly back into your pocket because you don’t have to spend as much as you had thought.

Who doesn’t like putting money back into their pocket?

It’s one of the reasons that credit cards with cash back reward programs are so popular. A consumer can simply shop as they normally would, and with no effort they get a check in the mail for how much they’ve earned.

If this kind of cash back rewards program appeals to you AND you love shopping online, I’ve got something I want to show you. It’s a service called DollarDig, and it just might convince you once and for all that online is THE way to do your shopping.

Here’s how it works:

  • Scour the internet for whatever you’re shopping for
  • Once found, find the same retailer through DollarDig and see how much cash back that retailer is offering
  • Click through to the retailer’s site
  • Make your purchase

Your cash back accumulates and can be sent to you via PayPal or Dwolla once you  reach the $25 threshold. It’s that easy!


  1. It’s FREE! DollarDig earns it’s own revenue by showing advertisements for their retail partners, so there’s absolutely no cost to you to use the service!
  2. It’s EASY! Once you find the retailer you want to use, just go to DollarDig and find the same retailer. Click on through and complete your purchase as normal.
  3. It’s BETTER! There are other similar services out out there, but DollarDig seems to offer a higher cash back rate than other services.
  4. It puts money in your pocket! Again, who doesn’t like money in their pocket?


  1. Lack of Retailers: While I did find some retailers I use frequently such as Newegg and Best Buy, many currently do not have a relationship with DollarDig.
  2. Wide Range Of Cash Back Percentages : I took a quick scan through some of the retailers, some of which offer 5, 10, 15 percent cash back and even more. But most of the big names that would be widely used (like Best Buy) give 1%, some even less.

It’s not a perfect service, but it does have the potential of earning a nice chunk of change back over time if you use it a lot. Plus, they say they’re adding new retailers all the time, so it will only get better and better!

What do you think Clever Friends, worth giving a try?

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Brock Kernin


  • Hmmm never heard of it. I stick to Mr. Rebates, Extrabux, Ebates and sometimes ShopAtHome. (Mr. Rebates is especially good if you think you can refer people: 20% of referrals’ rebates for the life of the accounts.) Another benefit of the ones above: much lower payment thresholds.

    That said, I’ll definitely give it a look.

    Since you’re just getting started, here are a few cash back shopping tips:

    1. Try to find the store through the cash back site first, rather than finding it then going back to the site. It can mess with tracking.

    2. Be careful of coupons you find outside DigDollar or the store’s site. Even exclusive offers you get from the store.

    3. Don’t surf in other tabs or windows. You can mess with tracking in the main one.

    4. Start with an empty cart. There are some stores that only count what you add after you click the cash back site’s link.

    5. Weirdly, even search engines can mess with tracking. So just be careful.

  • @Abigail – Their website also warns against using other coupons as well. Sounds like there may be a bit of an art form to using these kind of discount sites. Thanks for the tips!

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